Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Worm Turns

 It seems that the mayor of Portland, OR has had enough of the incessant rioting, vandalism, and violence.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called Friday for the city’s residents to assist authorities in their efforts to "unmask" members of the "self-described anarchist mob" who have engaged in acts of violence and vandalism in recent months.

I don't feel sorry for the guy.  He put up with it for way too long.  He should have cracked down on it nine months ago, when it began.  Now he's faced with a demoralized police department, vandalized businesses, a declining tax base and an emboldened group of agitators who feel that they can get away with anything.

They feel that way because for the past nine months, they've been allowed to get away with anything. 

I know how to solve the problem, but it wouldn't be pretty.  As a matter of fact, it would be pretty ugly.  But, Portland has been an ugly place for a long time.  I truly doubt that the mayor, or the Governor for that matter, has the stomach for such things.

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Dave O. said...

I'm going to guess that your solution Will be a modern-day variation on "a whiff o' the grape."