Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Chauvin Guilty

 It seems that a Minnesota jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts in the death of George Floyd.  The jury deliberated less than 24 hours in one of the most hyped trials of this decade.  I assume that the verdict was unanimous.

I have participated in dozens, maybe hundreds of jury trials during my 37 year career as a cop. The one firm rule on a jury is you never know what they are going to do.  Most of the time, they arrive at the correct conclusion.  Other times they whiff it.  History will judge whether or not the jury reached the correct conclusion in this trial.  I'm fairly certain that there will be an appeal.

Juries are the cornerstone of the American legal system.  The idea that a panel of citizens will objectively look at the evidence and judge the actions of another citizen is rooted in history and jurisprudence.  I have great faith in the jury system, but I'm also experienced enough to know that sometimes they do some jacked-up stuff.  I could tell you stories about juries, but this isn't the place.

I did a quick Google search, and couldn't find any information on what the streets in Minneapolis were like last night, but I don't trust the media to stray from their narrative.  


robert said...

As soon as they can get a retrial or appeal going and move the new trial out to an area such as mine where common sense folk will be the jurors Chauvin will be free . For Gawds sake Floyd had three times the fatal dose of fentanyl in his system . The average person out here in these hills will not be intimidated by thugs demanding a conviction for a cop doing what he was paid to do . When the rioters start to assemble on one of these country roads things will not go well for them . Burn the big cities down and salt the earth . We're going Turkey hunting and we don't really care . Seen a small flock plowing up the ground in my valley yesterday. Seen a flock of around 2000 on my hillside one time . I'll tell ya about that sometime. Made my hair stand up on end .

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Well said, sir.

I had no fore-gone conclusion in my head. The process must be respected and it will be what it will be.

I, too, expect an appeal. There were irregularities with high profile politicians urging Minnesota residents to riot and other "Praying for a conviction" rather than for a just ruling.

BobF said...

I for a while thought Gavin was guilty. I mean, good grief, look at that video!

And then I followed the trial. Daily. Retirement and medical issues allow for such.

No way in hell an honestly thinking person considering all the evidence could believe the state proved its case. I don't know that he is innocent, but he damned sure isn't guilty, and that IS a difference in our system.

Ryan said...

Bob, I listened to/ watched most of the trial. It was abundantly clear to me that Derrick Chauvin (so) intentionally killed Mr.Floyd. For goodness take he killed the handcuffed guy in broad daylight on video with a bunch of witnesses.

The state had a high bar to prove and they did it. The defense had a very low bar of creating a reasonable doubt and they failed to do so.