Tuesday, April 27, 2021

John Bel Bows to Reality

 Our idiot governor is speaking now, ignoring popular pubic opinion, but generally relieve us from the masks mandate, unless it's in a government building, or if a private business requires it.  Oh, and public schools, K-12 and state universities.

That's better.  Most of us have been ignoring his mandates for six or eight weeks.  He said that he was going to expand the occupancy requirements for stadiums and other venues.

Of course, local governments are still able to institute stricter measures, but the local lumber yards still sell tar. I'm not sure where we would buy feathers but I'm sure that some are available locally.  Local leaders should be aware of the old traditions.


Judy said...

Feathers - bed, bath and beyond should have feather pillows. The local Wally World or Tar-ghetto might have some too. REI and Cabela's would have down sleeping bags.

Termite said...

A few weeks ago I was in a local restaurant, at a table with 9 of my flying buddies. In walked both our local DA and our Sheriff with numerous others, all sans mask, and sat down at a table for 8.

It told me all I needed to know about their opinion of John Bel's mask mandate.

Pigpen51 said...

I live in Michigan, and we have several places near me that raise turkeys. By raise turkeys, I don't mean a backyard coop with a couple dozen. I mean, 25 yard wide by 50 yard long, quonset huts, 6 of them just in the place that I used to drive by to go to work. I am not certain, but I thought that they shipped something like 25,000 birds at a time.
Of course, the smell in certain times of the year, like when it was warm out, was especially putrid. They had many fans to circulate air, I am talking a hell of a bunch of them.
Of course, the Empress of Lansing just issued a new order, last Friday, that all kids age 2 and above must wear masks, the same as adults. I don't have anyone that young to worry about, but if I did, you can bet that they would not be wearing a mask, and if a business tried to make me put one on them, I would make sure the I was never welcome in their store again. Because everyone that was in that place, be it a Wallyworld, or a restaurant, or whatever, would hear my opinion about the governor and her mandates, and Democrats in general, and I would stop only when the threatened to call 911.