Thursday, April 22, 2021

Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/22/22 FULL | Fox Breaking News | April 22, 2021

Tucker does a great job here, showing the insanity of those who would deny that saving a vitim of a street stabbing is somehow a bad thing.  Probably racist.  It's all our collective faults for systemic racism.

This may be the incident where rational Americans wake up and see that the racists among us are not the white cops who are forced to an horrific attack.  This may be the incident where the left and the critical race theorists lose all their credibility.  This was plainly a violent lethal force encounter and the police officer was forced to use his weapon to protect an unarmed person.  He ended the threat, which is just exactly what he is trained to do.

These apologists for mayhem are wrong, and they are wrong on a level that defies reasonableness.

This was a good shoot, an almost perfect use of police power, and anyone who says differently has no credibility.  They should re-examine their entire educational experience, because somewhere their moral compass has gone completely out of calibration.

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