Friday, April 02, 2021

Papers, Please?

 Over my lifetime, I have been vaccinated for a host of ailments.  Smallpox, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, the plague, and now Covid.  In the military, I carried a shot record, a paper document that I could show to medical staff, and they would use that paper record to keep my shots up-to-date.

Now, some jazzbos are calling for a Covid passport to go about our collective lives.  

I dissent. And, it's not a respectful dissent.  Our elite overlords haven't earned respect.  What they have earned is a hearty SCREW YOU.  They have earned a full-throated NO.  These idiots limited our freedoms, wrecked our economies, damaged our children's educations, and want to continue to limit the way we lead our lives.  

Those of the ilk who want to limit American freedom, (looking at you here Fauci) need to slide back into irrelevance and anonymity.  It may not be what they want, but it would certinly be the best thing for the standard American citizen if we never heard from them again.


DaveS said...

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I can see a multitude of ways that could be used to attempt to force people to comply - want a bank account, a credit card? How about tying it to federal or state taxes? Want to buy groceries or something at the hardware store? How about - you can buy ammunition only if you provide your vaccination passport?

This needs to be fought and fought hard by our state legislatures if "they" attempt to force this at the federal level.

But my sneaking suspicion is that it will be implemented at the private\corporate level...

Stuart said...

" sneaking suspicion is that it will be implemented at the private\corporate level"

'spect you're right Dave. Here's why:

In Texas during the mask mandate, I never had anyone in any store say anything to me about not wearing a mask. After Texas dropped the mandate and "re-opened" everything, I have been scolded and/or ask to leave numerous businesses for being mask-less. Strange psychosis.

Termite said...

Suddenly there will be a whole lot of "sincere religious objections".

Also, how hard will it be to forge such a document? Probably not hard at all.

Flugelman said...

"Also, how hard will it be to forge such a document? Probably not hard at all."

If they continue to use the same form that I got at my doctor's office, not hard at all. Anyone with a printer and ballpoint pen could do it.

Hey, I sense a financial opportunity here. I'd better get my printer fired up and restocked with black ink.

BobF said...

Central Florida 2 weeks ago. I walk with a cane for short distance and a long walking stick for long distances (easier on the shoulder). From car to front door of auto parts place, cane in one hand and wife's car battery hung by narrow plastic strap cutting through my other hand and pulling me over.

I'd moved the battery from her car to mine so I knew what I was in for. All on my mind when I got to the store was that damned battery.

Put battery down and leaned on wall to open the store door. Opened door and blocked it open with the battery.

"Sir, you can't come in without a mask!"

OK, he was right. Need the mask. My priorities were temporarily skewed. And THAT was HIS primary concern.


If I could have made it back to the car I would have spent my money elsewhere. All I could think of when my credit card was processing.

Advance Auto. Hwys 192 & 535, Kissimmee. Not a penny more, EVER.

Jonathan H said...

Around here, Advance Auto isn't requiring masks; most of the time, their employees aren't wearing masks.

In the last 8 months, I've only had 6 places give me an issue over masks. Every time I tell them that they don't want my business, so I'll take it elsewhere.