Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 A young Yankee lady asked me once, "How do you cook a grit?"

I told her honestly that I didn't know.  Grits are generally cooked by the thousand, or the million.  One grit is un-cookable.  But, I wasn't totally honest with her.  I had never cooked grits.  I've eaten a bunch of them, but I never tried to cook them.  Grits were for those big, vacation breakfasts in a diner somewhere.  Or, as part of the standard Army breakfast.  

I've eaten a lot of grits, but Belle turns her nose up at them.  She doesn't eat grits, anybody's grits.  Not cheese grits, or shrimp and grits, or any kind of grits.

I was in the Dollar Store early this morning and decided to make a pot of grits.  Bought a box of standard grits, read the label, and when I got home had at it.  Easy-peasy.  Boiling water, salt, grits and some butter.  Stir for a while, turn the fire down low and stir some more.  Nothing to it.  The recipe is right there on the box.


Glypto Dropem said...

As a Northerner, I never had grits until I was in the Army. My Dad who was in the Navy talked about them when I was a kid. I love them and eat them wherever they are served. Butter & sugar, maple syrup, fruit jam, or brown sugar is how I like 'em. My wife, who actually comes from the South, despises them. She also hates polenta, which I like.

Judy said...

Corn meal mush was served at supper-time when my mom was a little kid. She would go to bed hungry instead of eating it. Her grandfather intervened and she got oatmeal. I detest rolled oats porridge, really like steel cut oats, mush and grits. I like my grits as cheesy jalapeno grits. Shrimp, bacon or ham in your grits is pretty good, too.

Ryan said...

I’ve never been a huge fan of grits. They are ok with some cheese. I did make shrimp and grits awhile back and they were pretty good.

mostly cajun said...

They didn't become a wide-spread staple by being hard to cook.

As much as the foodies and the 'food media' want to make everything mysterious and magical, the majority of the world, us included, gets by on simple and easy to prepare ingredients.