Saturday, April 03, 2021

Anvil 022: Pederson Device recovery

Prior to the US entry into World War II, John Pederesn, a long time employee of Remington Arms, came up with a devide to modify a 1903 Springfield rifle to work as a semi-auto.

If you go looking for a Pedersen device, they will be on the shelf next to the hen's teeth.  I've never seen one, but it is an extremely interring part of American firearms history and deserves to be remembered.

Mark has one in his shop.  Let's go down the rabbit hole with him.


robert said...

Those fellers are going to be hard to disarm !

BobF said...

I'm sure that for some that was like watching grass grow, but to me that was an entertaining, informative, and relaxing piece of work. I have dozens of his series (subscribed) saved, but only some show him getting down to the nitty gritty with the lathe. Oh! And I haven't heard terms link "RCH" and "blivet" in decades!

Thanks for that.

Rich Jordan said...

I have had a complete Springfield 1903 Mk1 for a long time; that is the rifle that was modified for use with a Pederson device. I remember seeing boxes of the ammo for this device at gun shows 25 years ago but haven't seen them in a long time now.

Needless to say I'd love a device to fit my rifle, but that's a pipe dream. One that could shoot a still available round like .32ACP or .30 Carbine would be a delight.