Thursday, April 15, 2021

Louisiana is 30th

 Louisiana is 30th in a new YouGov poll where they asked Americans to rank the states head-to-head.  Based on the questions asked, the poll asked the respondents to choose one state over another.  Louisiana was favorably ranked 47% of the time, which put it at the 20 ranking.

Interesting.  Louisiana normally comes in dead-last, or ony shading Arkansas or Mississippi by a couple of points.

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robert said...

I thought that after a couple of company meetings one in the Big Easy and the other in Baton Rouge . But . After touring through the bayou on my 10 speed and meeting a whole bunch of those duck dynasty type folks my thoughts on the bayou changed much more for the better . I honestly can't tell you of any of the big cities I have visited that I thought much of though . Country folk seem to be much more open and friendly especially in the south . City folk in big cities ? Not so much . If a city person is friendly hold on to your wallet !