Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Looting in Minnesota

 Another police-involved shooting, another burst of rioting and looting.

By what is now being called an accidental discharge by a police officer at a traffic stop that turned into a felony warrant arrest, Duante Wright is dead, and the suburb of Brooklyn Center is the focus of rioting and looting.

Some business owners took steps to protect their property, some didn't.  The results were predictable.

The natural right of self-defense is what the Second Amendment is about. Not hunting. Anyone who interjects hunting into discussions of the Second Amendment is either trying to deceive or doesn’t know the amendment and its true purpose. The right to keep and bear arms is about the citizen’s ability to defend himself or herself and their family and property against tyrants. Sometimes those tyrants are from the government. Sometimes government breaks down, and self-defense is a matter of life or death.

I'm sure that it would take someone with an advanced degree in human psychology to explain to me why a tragic death becomes the motivation for opportunistic criminality.  With the police occupied at other scenes, it becomes standard procedure to loot a store?  That makes no sense, and the people involved in the rioting are despicable.  

In the wake of civil unrest, the biden administration is pushing for more restrictions on the natural right of the people to defend themselves.  That makes the biden administration despicable.


Termite said...

I understand the WOGs anger at an accidental unjustified police shooting.

But WTH did the local store owners do that justifies looting or burning their businesses? NOTHING.

It's just an opportunity for the goblins to riot and steal "free shit".

dogsledder said...
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dogsledder said...

1) The only way to minimize police "accidental shootings", wrong address SWAT raids and killings, and all other "crime less" homicides by the police is to treat the police like any other citizen would be treated in the same circumstances. There is no reason that police should be excused for killing someone "by accident" when your average Joe Blow would be arrested, charged, and tried for the same thing probably kept in jail during his trial for the same thing. Sure, accidents happen, but you and I would be spending months or years in prison while Joe Policeman gets 2 weeks off with pay for the same thing. I am glad to see this irresponsible and incompetent cop being arrested and going to trial.
2) Note to the cops in Minnesota- this is probably not a good time to be shooting any Negroes unless you are sure that it is a "righteous shoot".
3) Note to Negroes- looting and burning stores and buildings can be grounds for a "righteous shoot". Be forewarned.

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