Thursday, April 22, 2021

Governor Edwards is Behind the Curve

 Louisiana's governor John Bel Edwards is a West Pointer, and exemplifies what other officers who got their commissions from other sources call a "trade-school type".  He never has an original thought and he's better at following than leading.

Today he made his weekly pronouncement, and once again he's following the trends in the state.  This time by as much as a month.  He's thinking about ending the mask mandate.

At his weekly briefing Thursday on the state’s response to COVID-19, the governor said that decision will depend on the data – but that we should know next week.

Bil, (you poor dumbass), most of the state has already decided to end the mask mandate.  We just didn't bother you with the details. As a matter of fact, if yo look around the state, we've already made the decision.  Once again, you're behind the curve.  Just lie a West Pointer.

I'd feel sorry for the dumb sonofabitch, if he wasn't so arrogant in his pronouncements.  So, I simply hold him in amused contempt.

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robert said...

Good Gawd though , you got to admit the man is funny ! He has provided many a great laugh around this country of ours .