Sunday, September 29, 2019

Weather Change

Sitting on the back porch this morning, I saw a flight of ducks.  Big ducks, not teal or scaup, but either mallards or pintaails, flying west by northwest.  They were headed either for Catahoula or the Saline/Larto complex.  Two huge duck havens that have been hunted for waterfowl for hundreds of years.

We're still sweltering under high 90s temps, but if the ducks are moving, there is a weather change afoot.  I notice my Facebook buddies telling me that Montana is having a blizzard, which is okay for them, I guess.  It's still too early to break out the flannel shirts here.

I cooked burgers today on the griddle, but I'd rather have been cooking a chili, or a gumbo, or any of the cool-weather foods.  I'm jones-ing to break out the big stew pots.

But, I have to wait.  I have switched over from hot weather vodka tonics to cool weather bourbon.  I'm finding that I enjoy the more highly proofed versions, and right now I'm working on a bottle of Eva Williams Bottled in Bond.  Very nice 100 proof whiskey.

I'll just have to wait for cooler temps, but October will be here next week, and the ducks are moving, so there is hope.


DaveS said...

Snowing up here in the mountains of Montana. The smart ducks are heading south.

Bob said...

Ever experimented with Rye? Old Overholt is the traditional rye, but there are plenty of others out there now, including the excellent Redemption Rye, which has a 95% rye mash bill. And, being in the NOLA area, it can be used to make Sazeracs.

Old NFO said...

Weather is 'supposed' to break down here next week. I'll believe it when I see it... sigh