Monday, September 30, 2019

10 Best

I know, it's still in the 90s here, but hope reigns eternal, and before too many more weeks, we'l be able to make a bowl of chili, so I'm going to link this right here so I can find it later.

It's the 10 Best Texas Chilis,  Oay, fine.  Although I'll pass on the turkey chili.  I do notice that they are all red chili,   This may not be Texas chili, but Belle makes a fine white bean chili..  And, we YouTubed it last year, so here goes.

I notice that Belle is wearing her fleece togs, so I'll bet that it was cool in the shop when we were cooking.  I probably had a propane heater going to keep her feet warm.

It's almost chili season, and I can't wait.


Judy said...

Any season is chili season if I am hungry for a bowl-of-red.

DaveS said...

Good timing! With 8" of snow and temperatures around 20F, I made up a batch of white bean and chicken chili this weekend. A different recipe than what you guys use, but absolutely delicious and just the the thing for the first snow of the season.