Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Problem

The Democrats have a huge problem, and it begins with that ignoramus O'Rourke, continuing with that bozo, Booker.  Their plan is to have a "mandatory buyback" and the idea that Americans will simply line up and comply.  The evidence suggests otherwise.
In recent years, states including Connecticut, New York, and California have passed laws mandating that assault weapon owners register their firearms. Each has faced extremely low compliance rates: reportedly around 15 percent in Connecticut, and below 5 percent in New York and California. Tony Guglielmo, a Republican state senator from Connecticut, told The Hartford Courant that many assault-rifle-owners were flatly ignoring the law.
They don't have a plan, they have a pipe-dream, and reality has a way of dealing with pipe-dreams.   Booker doesn't even understand the law he talked about in the link above.  He believes that fully-automatic weapons are illegal.  Those of us who know better immediately spotted the inaccuracies in his clip.  I personally know several Americans who legally own full-auto weapons.    They are expensive, and there are regulatory hoops to jump through, but they are legal.

The Democrat plan at this point seems to be:
1. Pass a law banning something they don't like.
2. ???????
3.  Gun Free America

That's not much of a plan, and point #2 is where they are going to run into Murphy's law.  With a low estimate of 12 million affected firearms in circulation in the United Stat es, who do they think is going to pick up all these guns?  Local law enforcement?  Don't count on it.  The National Guard?  Not likely.

What they have done is to excite the base.  And, not the base they intended to excite.  These two fellows have set back gun control for fifteen or twenty years. 

As for myself, not one more law, not one more regulation.  They've gotten all they are going to get from me.  They've unveiled the dream, and I don't share it at all.


Termite said...

We should be thanking Francis. He violated the DNC covenant to never say "confiscation". He pulled off the cover, and revealed, on national TV no less, their end-game. The old smirk: "no one is coming for your guns.......wingnut!" just got destroyed.
And the DNC in general is rather pissed.

Interestingly, when Biden pointed out that that E.O.'s don't carry the authority to confiscate AR-15s from the general public, almost everyone else on the stage laughed. That did not go unnoticed. Which makes Biden the most rational of the bunch.

And to "Beto" I would say:

Old NFO said...

Yep, they motivated the 'silent majority' in a direction they didn't want with those statements...