Sunday, September 01, 2019

Love a Happy Ending

From the Virginian-Pilot.
He walked into a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven for a Big Gulp. He ended up shooting 2 robbers, killing 1.
This guy, who was down on his luck, but working through it, did everything right.  He ended a potentially horrific robbery,  protected the clerk and other customers, and did his best to secure the scene.  Then the realization set in.
“You just shot and killed somebody in 7-Eleven. You just told these people to call the cops and they’re coming. You got to stand here and wait for them. Of course, you can’t be standing here with a gun in your hand. You’re a black man with a gun. You’ll probably get shot.”
 “I said to the clerk, ‘Look man, I’m removing the ammunition from my gun,’ and I made sure he knew where all the guns were.
“He was like, ‘Man, you’re my hero. You need a Gatorade or anything? Anytime you come in here, you’re good.' And I was like, ‘Thanks, but the cops are here now and we got to put our hands up.’”
Our hero was not charged.  He was released by police after a round of questioning.   It's a cautionary tale:  If you have to shoot someone, you will probably be detained and questioned.  It is part of the process and you need to understand that.


Whatever said...

And why proper stand your ground Les need to be in place that include no, actually, you don’t need to cuff and detain the shooter when there are multiple on site witnesses that it was self defense / defense of others.

You know, just like you do with an officer involved shooting, which may or may not be determined a good shoot later.

Whatever said...

/Les = laws. Damn iPhones.

Old NFO said...

He did the right things all the way through! :-)