Friday, September 20, 2019

Gun News

My Facebook feed lit up this morning with news that Colt's Manufacturing has stopped producing rifles for the civilian market.  My first thought was a big yawn.  I have mine, and I'm sure that you have yours.  There is no shortage of ARs in the market.  But then I noticed that the folks celebrating the news are all diehard liberals, so I decided to dig a little further.  I found Colt's official statement: (clipped for brevity).
The fact of the matter is that over the last few years, the market for modern sporting rifles has experienced significant excess manufacturing capacity. Given this level of manufacturing capacity, we believe there is adequate supply for modern sporting rifles for the foreseeable future.
Yep, there is no shortage of manufacturing capacity for modern sporting rifles. Everybody is making them.  I have several Colt's firearms in the inventory, and that fact of the matter is that the only other one I'd like to have is simply out of reach.  I'd really like a NIB Peacemaker in .45 Colt, but I'm not willing to pay gouging  prices when so many other manufacturers are making them.

So, it's back to the big yawn.  If you want a modern sporting rifle (or a 1911, or a Peacemaker), there are lots of other options.  Let the banners express their glee; this is simply a marketing decision by Colt.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. I'm guessing at least 10 manufacturers are making the AR-15 design in one shape or form. One of them dropping out will be hardly noticed.

Flugelman said...

As usual the effing libs don't have a clue about what's really going on. Best they be kept in the dark longer, eh?