Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Ban Vending Machines

It's a specious argument, one that is readily dismissed.  But, it seems that vending machines kill nearly as many Americans as AR-15s do, on average, every year.
Again, analysis regarding the AR-15 — the so-called “weapon of choice” of mass shooters — produces less-than-impressive numbers. Between 2007 and 2018, 173 people were killed by mass shooters using an AR-15, according to a New York Times analysis — roughly, 15 per year. (For perspective, 13 people die per year from vending machines falling on them.) The fearmongering regarding this weapon becomes even more apparent when one considers the estimated 8 million AR-15s currently in circulation — the vast majority of which will never be involved in a crime.
Go, as they say, and read the whole thing, linked above.

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Termite said...

Can we also say regarding obesity & heart disease, vending machines can also be considered "accessories after the fact"?