Friday, September 13, 2019

Two New Ads

The first, a GOP ad showing the face of socialism..

The second is an ad I cut today, dinging on Beto's rant last night and drawing my "conservative" Democrat opponents int the fray.

Mine may not be as slick as the GOPs professional ad, but I hope that it resonates with voters.


Retired cop said...

I believe your message is right on the money! Why don't you put up a link where readers like me from outside your county can support your candidacy? Maybe we need you in a higher office!

Pawpaw said...

Sir, I appreciate the offer, but campaign finance laws are such that it is almost impossible to run a one-man campaign any more. I appreciate the officer, but I would really more appreciate sharing this with your friends and acquaintances. Campaign finance is a serious drag, and reporting it is a ring-tail bitch.

BobF said...

Sure wish you were here in Florida where you could do me some good other than decent cooking ideas. Your message is spot-on. Yep, they have finally come out very plainly with their message of intent; I wonder how many local law enforcement officers across the country will comply with their edict, if it ever happens.

Old NFO said...

I like the ad, and that was on the money! :-)