Monday, September 02, 2019

Labor Day

Labor Day used to be a big deal.  First recognized in 1894 as a holiday celebrating the American labor movement, it was a day off for workers.  In this modern era of 24/7 commerce, Labor Day is mainly a day off for government workers.  Some government workers.  Police, fire and public safety professionals are working today.

I was surprised this morning to see the garbage-men working.  But, around here, the waste company is a private concern, not beholden to government. 

Back in the '50s my dad was a union hand, and some of my earliest memories are at the huge barbecues the union threw on Labor Day.  I probably drank my first Nehi Grape at a Labor Day barbecue.

I'm off today because I am retired, and the grandsons are still abed because it is a school holiday.  So, today is just another day.  Belle happens to be off today, and we'll spend it puttering around.

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