Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Lying, or Just Stupid

Ol' whatshisname, Smollette is back in the news.  Evidently the city of Chicago is billing him for his failed excursion into racial politics.

Look, when he made his preposterous claim, even I didn't believe him.  When the news broke, I did a shallow dive into the available coverage, and was like: "WTF?  That didn't happen!"   The story just didn't add up.  As the investigation (ad the media coverage) ground on, it soon became apparent to anyone with two firing synapses that the only person guilty of anything was Smollett himself.

Now, it seems, the city of Chicago is suing Smollett for the cost of the investigation.  His defense?  He didn't now that the city would actually investigate.
But the latest court filing contends even if Smollett did make a false report, there is no way the city can assert he would have known the city would investigate — and investigate it to the extent cops did.
C'mon, Jussie.  Everyone knows that the police were going to investigate.  Fire your lawyers, pay the fine, and get on with your life.  At this point, you're a laughing stock, even to Dave Chappelle.

It's over, Jussie.  It was a bad idea then, it's a bad idea now. 


juvat said...

Juicy Small-YaY, famous French Actor. Now that some funny stuff right there.

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