Thursday, September 12, 2019

Democrats Selling Guns

The national Democrats are the very best thing that the gun manufacturers can hope for.  They sell guns like crazy.  The Washington Examiner reports that gun sales spiked in August after the national Dems called for more gun control and an expansion on background checks.
Analysts said that it might be the start of a 2016-style buying binge. Then, calls by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton for gun control and an assault weapon ban led to the highest yearly sales and background checks ever.
Yep, those were heady times.  With the combined assault of Obama, Holder, Lynch, Clinton, et al, to abrogate the 2nd Amendment, Americans bought a hell of a lot of guns.  Now Schumer and Pelosi are driving sales.  They should be on commission.

Regular readers may recall that PawPaw hisself picked up another example in August.  One of my teenage grandsons remarked yesterday that we need to take it to the range to sight-in.  He's right, and we'll take care of that very soon.

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Old NFO said...

They're after Obama's tile as top gun seller ever...