Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Alfredo Sauce

Belle has an Alfredo sauce that goes well with anything.  It's fairly simple.

Alfredo Sauce

Small package chopped onions
Small package chopped green peppers
Tablespoon minced garlic
Small can Original Rotel
Half pint half-and-half
Small can cream of mushroom soup
8 oz standard Velveeta
vegetable oil.

In a cast iron dutch oven, heat the oil, then add onions and green peppers and let them saute.  Those frozen veggies have a lot of water in them, so let then sautee for a a while, and cut your velveeta cheese into small cubes.  About the time the wather is boiled out and the vegies are tender, add the Rotel and let them simmer for a bit, then add the mushroom soup, give it a stir, then the half-and-half, and add the velveeta, stirring to melt it.

That's the basic recipe.  You can add anything to it.  Chicken, seafood,  or tonight, I added some pre-packaged meatballs.  We served it with fresh french  bread as sandwiches.

The boys seemed to enjoy it.  I didn't get any negative feedback.

Basically, all I could hear was chewing.  We could have boiled some pasta ad served it over pasta, but we decided that sloppy sandwiches was the way to go tonight.

Even the old dawg got a ration.  A couple of cut-up meatballs and some sauce, and he licked it clean.    That's how we roll around here at Pawpaw's house.

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Old NFO said...

Drooling, and now I know what's for dinner tonight! :-)