Monday, December 03, 2018

Those Poor Migrants

The American Thinker has a piece about how the migrants in the caravan have been duped by their organizers.
News accounts said that the organizers were promising the migrants easy entry to San Diego, and the Sunday Tijuana border charge came when the migrants felt frustrated.  With that a failure, too, that's got to be rather bitter for some, a question we raised the other day, wondering why the migrants didn't turn on the caravan organizers after what they did.  Migrants can see that they've been dumped to their fate, and the caravan is now breaking up, with many going back home (with Mexico offering free bus rides) or taking the well paid jobs Tijuana is offering them.  But the organizers' promises continue to stand as fake, because anything too good to be true always is.
It's a shame that people were duped, taken advantage of, but often times that is the way these things happen.  It looks like the organizers have skipped town, now that Tijuana's mayor is calling for their arrest.  This thing has become an abject and utter failure, much like what most left-wing projects eventually become.  And, of course, the people who needed it worst are the ones left in the lurch.

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Old NFO said...

At least some of them are getting bussed to other areas where they come across the border and sit and wait to be picked up... sigh