Saturday, December 15, 2018

Major Re-Arranging

For years we've had a room called "the toy room".  The grandkids are getting older and as they got more years on them, the "toy room" went through some upgrades.

Belle decided that it was time to disassemble the toy room and make it into a proper guest room  Of course, every piece of furniture in two rooms had to me moved three times.  I'm amazed at the amount of debris ad  clutter that we found under each piece of furniture that we moved.  It's incredible.

I'm catching my breath, but I believe that we've turned the corner on this re-design.   Belle and Zach are still puttering around in the back of the house, but I think I"m going to sneak out on the patio and get a bit of fresh air.

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Old NFO said...

You 'know' it's gonna change another three or four times...LOL