Friday, December 07, 2018


Good cookware is an investment.  Not only an investment in cash, but an investment in the generations that will follow.  We can;'t take it with us, and those who follow on get to use it.    Stories abound about heirloom cast iron, like this anonymous commenter.
I inherited it after her death. We were allowed to pick out two items for memories, and I was lucky to pick the Wagner an the stove top Dutch oven she used. My Aunts get misty eyed when they come to our house and eat and see those still in action.
My cast iron has served my family well, and continues to serve.   I know that when I finally keel over, the first things they're going to divvy up are the guns, and the cast iron.  That's okay, that's why I have it.

But, I'm always on the lookout for good paces, and I admit that I'm smitten with this one.  At roughly $120,  I could buy a half-dozen Lodges, but I think I want one anyway.

The link to the Stargazer website is here.


Old NFO said...

That is nice!

Jerry The Geek said...


20 years ago, my mother's aunts ("The Odd Sisters") died and I helped clean up the house which they had co-habitted for a generation. I found three cast iron skillets, and a "flatware" (Griddle) which my elders had tossed into the "Throw Away" bin ... and I rescued them.

I'm still cooking with those skillets, and I was amazed at how quickly I disposed of the Teflon ware I had been using (has anyone noticed how the teflon coating flakes off and gets into your food???)

Shooting or Cooking, you can't beat "Big Irons".

DaveS said...

I can personally attest that Stargazer makes some VERY nice cast iron. I have their 10.5" pan and I liked it so much that I ordered the 12" to replace my 20 year old Lodge. I like the the longer handle and the fact that it stays cooler longer. The smooth finish is a big plus as well. Well worth the price to me.