Thursday, December 06, 2018

Lodge Cast Iron

I own a lot of Lodge cast iron and cook with it almost every day.  The only gripe I have with Lodge is that damnable pre-seasoning they put on stuff these days.  It's rough, like truck bed liner ad you don't want that on your iron.  You want it smooth as a baby's butt.  But, the pre-seasoning is easily defeated with a sander.  Get it smooth, re-season it, then cook with it.

The best thing about Lodge is that it is available darned near everywhere.  It is probably the most available cast iron cookware in America.  And, it's made in the USA.


Anonymous said...


I understand your frustration. I've now got just about 1 of every piece of their cast iron. I found it easiest to use my right-angle air die grinder with the abrasive disks to remove the seasoning and then smooth the surface. This was a bit challenging when working on the Wok, but i found some 'rol-locks' at fastenall that work great.

Gary W. Anthony
MSgt, USAF, Ret.

Anonymous said...

I've never considered using a grinder on the finish - good tip !

We're fans of Lodge cast iron too, but our favorite is Grandma's old Wagner 12" deep skillet. That puppy has been cranking out meals since the early 1940's and still thirsty for more !

I inherited it after her death. We were allowed to pick out two items for memories, and I was lucky to pick the Wagner an the stove top Dutch oven she used. My Aunts get misty eyed when they come to our house and eat and see those still in action.

Cast iron rocks !