Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Go Navy!

They're getting a new boat. (or ship, or whatever they call thse things).

SAN DIEGO (Dec. 7, 2018) The Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) arrives in its homeport of San Diego. The future USS Michael Monsoor is the second ship in the Zumwalt-class of guided- missile destroyers and will undergo a combat availability and test period. The ship is scheduled to be commissioned into the U.S. Navy Jan 26, 2019 in Coronado, Cailf. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Nicholas Huynh)
So, the Navy is getting a new guided missile destroyer.  Disclaimer:  I know absolutely NOTHING about current naval design.

Guided missiles are fine, but I don't see any guns.  I'd figure that they might want a few bullet-launchers for close-in defense.  Again, I'm no sailor-man, but I've heard that the "Prepare To Repel Boarders" crap is dangerous.

It sure looks angular, doesn't it?  I wonder what the radar return on that thing is like.


Sport Pilot said...

It's supposed to have two 155mm guns in the forward semi-recessed turrets. And a couple of 30mm guns as well. IIRC the 155mm guns were supposed to be for off shore bombardment but have had teething issues. In fact this particular ship has had some teething issues. None of which should be unexpected in new constructions. I hope it proves to be a good design and provides good service to the Navy.

Jonathan H said...

You are right - the Zumwalt class is designed to be very stealthy; it drives the design in many ways.
I'm sure they can mount small guns as needed, however it is primarily armed with missiles and the two guns mentioned above; they are the bumps visible on the front (right in the picture).
The original plan was to build over 30 of these, but they got so expensive the plan now is either 2 or 3 (I forget which).

Old NFO said...

The Navy accepted her for hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E), the weapons and combat systems will be installed after commissioning in Jan 2019. And there will only be three of them.

Dave said...

Radar return-wise, I recall reading somewhere that they had to add something to the lead ship, USS Zumwalt, to enhance it's radar return, so that civilian ships could see it better.

leaperman said...

What an ugly piece of shit.
Aluminum too I bet.
Pea shooters could sink it.