Friday, December 21, 2018

Speaking Of That

Referencing my post below.  When I was in Natchitoches, LA, there was a little fire station that looked remarkably like the one in the photo below (there must have been a standard drawing for small firehouses).  It sat behind a student nightclub, on a side street behind the nightclub.

Folks would try to park in front of the fire house while they partied at the nightclub,, in spite of the large sign the firemen put on the roll-up doors.  DO NOT PARK HERE.  Occasionally, when they got a call during the night, they would roll up the door and find a car parked in the way.    They would simply put the front bumper of that big American LaFrance  against the offending vehicle and push it out of the way, normally into the ditch across the street.

Normally, the police department would get a call. "Somebody pushed my car into the ditch."

The response was simple.  "Too Bad, So Sad.  Can we call you a wrecker?"

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Old NFO said...

I might have punched the front windows on a BMW one night that was parked in front of a fire hydrant to run a 4in feed line through the car... And didn't quite get one fitting tight... Or not... :-)