Saturday, December 22, 2018

The McConnell Shutdown

I see this morning that our wishy-washy Senate Majority Leader can't seem to use the majority that the people gave him.  Mitch refuses to use the nuclear option to get things done.
"It’s been clear that from the beginning that two things are necessary: The support from enough Senate Democrats to pass the proposal at 60, and a presidential signature," he said. “As a result, the Senate has voted to proceed to the legislation before us in order to preserve maximum flexibility for productive conversations to continue between the White House and our Democratic colleagues."
Mitch, you don't have any Democratic colleagues.  They hate you, ad they generally hate President Trump.  They want you to fail.  And, so far, you've played into their hands.
 "I hope Senate Democrats will work with the White House on an agreement that can pass both houses of Congress and receive the president’s signature," McConnell added. "So, colleagues, when an agreement is reached, it will receive a vote here on the Senate floor.”
You hope?  Hope is not a plan, Mitch.  Hope lets the Democrats win.

So, Mitch, if you want this shutdown, you have it.  It's all on you.  It's up to you to make the Democrats see the error of their ways.    Ol' Harry Reid knew how to make the opposition howl.  Maybe you should have taken some lessons from him. 


Steve Sky said...

Something that has truly been puzzling me over the last 2 years. Why exactly are we concerning ourselves with what Pelosi or Schumer think? I thought the Republicans were in the majority, but it seems I’m mistaken. Obviously, the Democrats lead by Pelosi & Schumer are in the majority defining the legislative agenda. /sarc

It goes to my claim that the GOPe legislators truly want to be in the minority, so they don't have to be responsible for any decisions they make. After all, as the minority, they still get to go to the ball games, opera, etc. just like the Democrat majority. And once they slide back into the minority (House first, Senate next), they will then whine about how "they can't do anything because of those obstructionist Democrats", and Oh, by the way, donate to us and vote for us. Of course, they never acknowledge that they should have done what they were elected to do by the people, when they were in the majority.

Old NFO said...

Sadly Mitch is NOT on our/the president's side...