Sunday, December 30, 2018

Muscadine Shine

Son-in-law Greg brought this over today, it's a moonshine (or what passes for moonshine these days) flavored with muscadine juice.  Greg's dad grows muscadines annd makes jelly.  Hew jelly is fabulous and I don't know that the connection is to this hooch, but I'm glad to get it and I'll be happy to sample it.

At only 55 proof, it shouldn't have much "kick", but I'm sure it will be fine when we start sampling whiskeys in the shop.

Thanks, Greg!


BobF said...

Went to their site to order, but no luck. They have some truly weird flavors (maple bacon comes to mind), but I'd have ordered the muscadine if it were on the site. []

Enjoy! And Happy New Year!!

BobF said...

Uh, got my new glasses this afternoon. Right there in front of me on the screen. Ordering now.