Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Devil's Cut

Everyone who has ever studied the distillation  and maturation process knows about the Angel's Share.  After caasking, a certain percentage of the whiskey is lot to evaporation,  In the distilled spirits business, it's simply a cost of doing business.

Some of the whiskey is lost to the wood barrel, ad Jim Bean calls this the Devil's Cut.  They've figured out a way to release some of that whiskey from the barrel, and they mix it with with their whiskey and release it in a product called Devil's Cut.  I've tried it in the past ad like it.   Because all bourbon is made from corn, ad aged in new, charred oak casks, that spirit in the wood has an intense flavor.  For me, I get leather, oak, and honey.  But, that's just me.  Whiskey tasting notes are very subjective and my palate may be missing something.

At any rate, I like Devil's Cut, and was privileged  to receive a bottle for Christmas.  What I did not know was the Jim Beam bottles Devil's Cut int he big, transmission shaped bottles.

I'm going to enjoy this one a bunch.

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