Monday, December 24, 2018

Just a Friendly Reminder

Semiautomatic firearms are based o technology from at least 1903.
 The Democrat Party is in open warfare against semiautomatic firearms even though the technology behind such weapons dates back to at least 1903.
I bet they've never heard the name John Moses Browning.  Very prolific firearms designer.  He dragged us kicking ad screaming into the 20th century.  Many of his designs are still being produced today.

The guy the Democrats really hate is Eugene Stoner, who finalized his design in 1955.   Yeah the basic design of he Armalite rifle was finalized 63 years ago.  It isn't anything new either.  It is probably the most common rifle in use in the US today.

The big news this week is that the Democrats are absolutely opposed to walls.  Also ancient technology that predates the semiautomatic firearm by several millennia.

I'm beginning to think that Democrats are simply at war wit reality.


Dave said...

Don't forget Mikhail Kalishnikov, whose Avtomat was adopted by the Red Army in 1947. 71 years ago.

Old NFO said...

Of course they are... Guns don't allow them to control us, which IS their goal!