Thursday, December 13, 2018

Oh, the IRONy

I'm reading about some clueless Democratic Socialists who decided to get sweet matching tattoos.

I wonder if they know that symbol is associated with decades of  genocide, oppression, and tyranny?

During the early part of my military career, I was taught to get bearing and range data whenever I saw that symbol.  Now, I'm just LOLing at the cluelessness.  But, they've finally come out and identified themselves as the enemy of a free people.  Perhaps they they should be treated as such.


Old NFO said...

Talk about target rich environment... :-)

juvat said...

Well....It is the middle finger, so maybe they're thinking of holding up the middle finger with that symbol showing, so.....F**k communism?

Nah, they're probably not capable of thinking at that level.