Thursday, December 27, 2018

Finding Cast Iron In The Wild

Belle and I are entertaining out-of-state visitors, ad we took them crawling through a flea market today.  One thing I was looking for is cast iron and I found a dealer who had some very interesting pieces, but he knew what he had ad wanted full retail.

One of the things I was looking for was a nice, small #5 skillet to make a small pone of cornbread.  I saw w modern Lodge on the shelf and asked him about it.

"That's a modern Lodge," he said, "Give me $5 and it's yours."

Don't turn your nose up at Lodge cookware.  It's still being made today, ad many folks don't consider it collectible, but it's till fine cookware.

I handed him a five-spot ad tucked it under my arm.  Got it home, cleaned it and re-oiled it.

There is nothing wrong with that little skillet ad I bet that it will serve us well for cooking eggs, and making the smaller size pones of cornbread.  Yes, it's a modern Lodge, but I bet that it is older than some of my grandkids and might be as old as some of my children.

I don't know what the current makers-mark of Lodge is, but I'll bet that this thing was made before they started putting pre-seasoning on the cookware.  It'll do just fine for what we want to do.

UPDATE.  Just a little searching tells me that this logo came into use in 1973,

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