Saturday, December 29, 2018


So there's this viral video making the rounds of a transgender guy who goes full nutzoid because the folks in the game shop refer to him as "sir".  He insists that he's a "Ma'am", even though it it quite plain to everyone in view (and now the whole world) that he plainly has both and X and a Y chromosome. 

The employee in the shop deserves full kudos for trying to de-escalate what is clearly a volatile situation.   I'll embed the video below, but I'll also tell you that there is some foul language from the confused transgender guy.

This entire episode is the logical outcome of political correctness run amok.  There is no reason why the mainstream workaday world should be expected to recognize a person's fantasy world.  Frankly, it's assuming a bit much to think that the entire society should comply with his insistence that he is a woman.  He is not entitled to anything, we don't owe him  anything, and he unreasonably assumes that the world should comply with his fantasy.

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Jerry The Geek said...

Not very lady-like, is he? <heh heh heh!)