Sunday, December 02, 2018

Beef Stew

Sometimes nothing will do but an old-fashioned beef stew.  We cheat and do it easy.

Beef Stew

3 lbs good stew meat
brown gravy mix
bag of "baby" carrots
5 lbs potatoes.  Choose your favorite.

The night before.  Drop that stew meat into a large slow cooker.  Mix up enough brown gravy mix to half fill the pot.  Dump inn the carrots.  Turn the pot on LOW, and go to bed.

When you wake  up, after coffee, peel those potatoes and cut them into bite-sized pieces.  Add them to the slow cooker.  Let it simmer till lunch time.  Make a pot of rice.

That's how we rolled today, with  yeast rolls and soft drinks.


Old NFO said...

We had Green Chili Stew tonight. Similar, but with pork...

Jonathan H said...

Sounds good - makes me wish I lived near you!