Thursday, September 15, 2016

That Was Bloody

A commenter just sent this clip to me.  It seems that the FBI has been stonewalling the House Oversight Committee.  Rep Jason Chaffetz chairs that committee, and he ain't having it.

Poor ol' Agent Herring.  Even Rep Chaffetz tells him he feels sorry for him.  But some of the dialogue is priceless.

"Can you accept service for the FBI?"

"Yes, sir."

"You've been served."

Mr. Herring has just had his ass handed to him.


Old NFO said...

It's unbelievable that none of those people have been charged under ANY of the potential charges, including the whole panoply of security charges...

Steve Sky said...

You know, rewatching this clip, the same question occurs to me. What happens when the administration decides to ignore the subpoena? How is the subpoena enforced? Our government doesn't have a way to deal with enforcement, when it is the enforcers that are the ones breaking the law & constitution.
Obama and his minions both know and are taking full advantage of that fact.

Also note that he absolutely refused to yield to the constitution and admit that FBI is subordinate to Congress. And after sufficient evasions didn't get him free, he says that he won't make the commitment for the FBI to follow the Constitution.

And to expand that point, I think that Obama has spread the "above the law and Constitution mentality" across the government agencies. Government bureaucrats will "let" you do things, and will tell you "what you need to know".

Anonymous said...

That was priceless. The chairman's little grin looks like a shark.

"How is the subpoena enforced?"

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have federal law enforcement officers called Sergeants at Arms who can enforce congressional subpoenae.

Denis (from the GC)

Anonymous said...

By the way, Kevin Vickers was a proper Serjeant-at-Arms: