Thursday, September 08, 2016

Comey's Disgrace

Roger Simon lays out his case that James Comey, the disgraced director of the FBI should resign his post for the good of the country.  Mr. Simon makes a strong argument that Comey either irreparably botched the Clinton investigation or colluded in its findings.

As the FBI document dump of last Friday shows, Comey's agents failed to ask the most basic questions that might have laid bare what is appearing to be a conspiracy among Clinton and her minions to to totally disregard the security laws of the nation and to destroy evidence of that conspiracy.
More importantly, did the FBI even ask her the most obvious of questions: why in the world did she put ALL her government emails on a private home-brew server (and then have them deleted with the most advanced data eradication software available -- five stars on CNET -- two days after these emails came under subpoena)? Was that because the equally obvious answer -- to avoid any possible public scrutiny of her actions (for a variety of suspicious reasons) -- is itself felonious?
The documents that Julian Assange are dumping periodically can't be a surprise to the FBI.  When they do an investigation, they're tasked with knowing everything.  If there is a surprise coming, they can't claim that they didn't know.  They're tasked with knowing.

If you get to a point where the case goes cold, then you quietly sit back and wait for more information.  After you've played out all the leads, interviewed all the witnesses, processed all the evidence, it's okay to let a case go cold for a while.  Comey didn't do that.  He stood up on national TV and declared that he would not recommend prosecution.  Case closed.

I don't know if Comey has ever been a cop, walked a beat, stood a late night watch, or pored over a crime scene, but as the Director of the FBI, he is the nation's top cop, and he has a duty to the people.  He has a duty to the rule of law, he has a duty to uphold the statutes and let the courts decide.

But, Comey didn't do that.  He pulled the pin, and now he looks like either an idiot or a colluder. Take your choice, it doesn't matter.  The fact is that he's lost his honor.

Mr. Simon, in the link above, gives Comey a way out.
What a coward Comey is. When Julian Assange starts to release his next round of emails, the director may have to commit hara-kiri. It will be the only honorable way to go, failing his resignation.
I'm amazed that long-time cops who work for the FBI haven't resigned en mass, or begun an internal revolt.  The damage that  Comey has done to the institution will last for decades.  I've known good, honorable, hard-working FBI agents and I can only imagine the disgust they feel with their director.

Come to think of it, ritual seppuku may be the only way that Comey can retain his honor.  I'd bet that he wouldn't have any problem finding a second.  And an aide to sharpen the blades.

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