Thursday, September 22, 2016

Really? Riots?

The Charlotte Observer calls it a protest, but from what I'm seeing, it is a riot.

When looters are grabbing shoes by size, that's not a protest.

When people block a highway and start fires in the roadway, and loot semi-trailers, that's not a protest, that's a riot.

Why are they rioting?  Who knows?  It seems that the guy who the police shot broke all the rules of surviving a lethal force encounter.  He came out of his car with a gun,   Refused repeated commands to drop the gun, and was shot by police.  That's the way it happens.

Some residents say that the deceased didn't have a gun, but the police say otherwise.  The fact is that they are rioting, destroying property, hampering commerce, looting things, threatening people.

Peaceful protest is one thing, and I'll be the first to defend peaceful protest.  But, rioting is dangerous, both to the participants and those caught in the violence.  There is no way that I can defend rioting.  The good people of Charlotte shouldn't have to put up with wholesale street violence.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice; when there is a mooslime terror act....then the 'po people start rioting?


Old NFO said...

It's a friggin riot... Sigh...