Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kentucky State, Day Thee

Yesterday before the end of the seventh round, the skies opened up, the range lost power and we were driven ignominiously from the venue by the might of a Kentucky thunderstorm.

No matter, we wee almost finished for the day, and we had a banquet to attend.  Oh, and the ladies sparkled.  The women have learned that CFDA is a wardrobe opportunity, the occasion where they can dress in Victorian attire and sparkle a bit.  Sparkle they did.

Blue Eyed Belle (left), with Slowpoke, a friend from Virginia.  Slowpoke is also a magnificent competitor who wins championships regulaly.  I met her at Texas State this year, where she won the Southern Territoials.

Left to right:  Miss E, Whiplash, Texas Rose, and Gentleman George.
The banquet was a smashing success.  Good food, good people, and lots of laughter.  The Bluegrass Gast Draw did a great job on the banquet.  And Trophies, did I mention trophies?

We got up this morning and went over to the shooting venue.  Big Mark, our club president was still "alive", and we waited until he was out of the match, then got on the road.

That's the trophy for Mens Senior Category, 2nd place.  That's the one that they let me bring home.  Not too shabby.

Blue Eyed Belle, Big Mark, and I left Hartford Kentucky about 9:30 this morning.  We'e now in a hotel in Memphis, TN and we'll be home tomorrow morning.  Kentucky State is over, and it's time for us to get really busy planning our invitational fo mid-November.

Everyone is invited.  Go to the Thorn Valley Facebook page for more information.

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Anonymous said...

The gentlemen look quite distinguished, but I must admit that my eyes were on the lovely ladies. They all look quite lovely, & I'd ask any of them to dance (if it wouldn't cause a ruckus), but that Slowpoke--woohoo!
Hell, I'd ask the men to dance too, just as a joke, if I weren't so crippled & could outrun them! For that matter, I can't dance worth a damn, either, but that's not new. I couldn't when I had two good legs!
--Tennessee Budd