Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Disarm the Politicians

There seems to me a meme going around.  Joe Huffman talks about it, and that old salty aviator talks about it.

Hillary and her ilk want to disarm us, that's plain and simple.  Hillary thinks that Heller was decided wrongly, and she's said so on more than one occasion.  President Obama wants to ban semiauto rifles.  This is no secret and Google is your friend.

There is little disagreement that Hillary Clinton and President Obama are two of the most protected people on the face of the earth.  Protected by semiauto pistols and "assault" rifles, those arms carried by very competent agents of the Secret Service.  For Clinton and Obama to insist that we be disarmed while under the protection of those very arms is the height of hypocrisy, and if they don't see it, they are being willfully obtuse.

Therefore, I propose that Congress take care of this problem.  Simply:

That if any person, entitled to a protective detail, makes reference to the banning of certain types of weapons currently in use by their protective detail, the supervisor in charge of that detail will immediately, without consultation, take action to arm the detail with such arms that might comply with the intent of the protected person.  Failure to immediately comply with the intent of the protected person will be grounds for discipline or dismissal from the federal service.

If Hillary doesn't like semi-autos, let her protective detail carry revolvers.

If Obama doesn't like ARs or AKs, let his protective detail immediately arm with leverguns.

If the protected person keeps running their mouth, eventually, their detail will be armed with slingshots and pocket knives.

I am not calling for their assassination, simply requiring that they be protected by the guns that they would leave us to protect ourselves with.  Otherwise, they're simply hypocrites.  And, we don't want out elected servants to be hypocrites.

I think I'll write my Congressman.


Old NFO said...

If it's good for me, it's good for thee... :-)

Windy Wilson said...

Aren't revolvers technically semi-autos? I mean, we don't generally call them that, but a double action revolver fires a bullet with each pull of the trigger, just like a double action magazine pistol.