Monday, September 05, 2016

Labor Day

Originally a holiday promulgated by labor unions in the late 19th Century (New York City, 1882??).  Now, 134 years later it has devolved into a holiday mostly observed by government and schools as a general school holiday.

I remember as a child, going to Labor Day cookouts, sponsored by the CWA, the union that the telephone company argued with.  Dad was a Telephone Man, and was in the union until he went into management.

When I was a kid, lots of places closed on Sundays and holidays.As a cop, I learned early that weekends and holidays were a "sometimes" event.  Oh, I got plenty of time off, but it wasn't the regularly scheduled Saturday, Sunday, Holiday.  Nowadays lots of places are open in our 24/7/365 economy and I wonder if we haven't lost something by adopting an anywhere/everywhere economy.

Our regularly scheduled garbage pickup is on Mondays and I was considerably surprised this morning when I went out to get the paper.  The garbage container has already been emptied, a couple of hours ahead of schedule.  Evidently, the folks who collect my refuse decided to get started early, get off early, and spend some time near a barbecue pit.

Belle and I don't have anything particular planned for today.  We've got to hit the workaday world tomorrow and leave for Kentucky bright and early Wednesday morning.  Today will be spent packing and preparing for the trip.

For those of you working today, thanks for your service.  For those of you relaxing today, Enjoy.

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