Sunday, September 04, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

We fed our family, as we do every Sunday and they left for home a couple of hours ago.  Milady and I shifted into "getting ready" mode for our trip this week.  On Wednesday morning, we leave for the big city of Hartford KY, for the Kentucky State Championships of Cowboy Fast Draw.

We have a house-sitter coming in, a dear, old-time friend who will pamper the dawg and generally look over the place.  We trust her with everything we own, and know that when we get home next week, everything will be okay.

I'm working my list, and tomorrow will be spent checking off block on that list, making piles of stuff, and trying to make sure I don't forget anything.  Guns, gear, bag-and-baggage, it's something I've done before.  Yeah, the competition is fun, but what I'm looking for is four days of rest and relaxation, shooting with old and new friends and spending time at a hobby that Milady and I both love.

Speaking of which, Milady is taking her Rangemaster's course at this shoot.  Before you can become a Rangemaster in Cowboy Fast Draw, you have to complete the Range Officer course at the local club, then go through a class at a sanctioned shoot, and run the line at that sanctioned shoot, under the supervision of a Regulator, who'll certify her nationally.  She's ready, and I know she is, so when we come home, Blue Eyed Belle will be a Rangemaster.  I'm proud of her for making that step.

Looking around the Faecebook group, I can see the folks getting ready for Kentucky.  Idaho finished up this afternoon, Kentucky is next.  Nebraska is the last sanctioned shoot before World's in Nevada in October.  Then, we'll all catch our breath, take a little break, and start all over again.

Our club, Thorn Valley Shootist Society, hosts one of the first invitational shoots after Worlds.

I'm not going to World's this year, the boss would crap down both legs.  But, Blue Eyed Belle and I get to slip off a couple of times a year.  This year, it's Kentucky, and we're stoked.  We want to see if those guys east of the Mississippi know how to hold a shoot.

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