Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Disparate Treatment

Hot Air updates us on a case where a Marine officer transmitted classified data in the clear, with the intent to warn others and save lives.  He self-reported, and is facing discharge.
In fact, the differences in Brezler’s case makes the disparate treatment of Hillary and the Marine major even more egregious. Brezler self-reported his mishandling, and expected some kind of punishment for it, but he (inadvertently!) committed that act in an attempt to save lives and assist the US military in distinguishing what turned out to be a deadly threat. Brezler did all he could to promote transparency, both of his actions and of threats that emerged in his absence.
The officer is facing discharge, and Hillary skates free, suffering no penalty whatsoever.

As others have said, we've turned the corner on being a nation of laws, and we're now a nation where there is one law for the politically connected and one law for the rest of us.

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