Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Morning

Pulling my boots on in the pre-dawn, I see that police agencies in Southern California have lost over 300 firearms in the past five years.  That's not good.  Probably, single losses or thefts, but the leadership in those departments needs to send strong signals to their officers.

I understand that there is going to be a debate tonight, and Hillary is panicking. The polls show a dead heat.  She was ahead three or four weeks ago.  What I did notice was all those newspaper articles this weekend calling Donald Trump a liar.  What a coincidence that all those big newspapers chose to run the same story the weekend before the debate.

The irony, of course, is that the largest serial liar in the recent history of US politics is calling someone else a liar.  Everyone with any sense at all knows that Hillary's campaign was behind the articles, and everyone with any sense knows that if Hillary's lips are moving, she's lying.

Hillary wondered last week why she is not 50 points ahead?  Like most entitled pols, she believes that the fact that Comey didn't indict her means that he exonerated her.  Quite the contrary.  Comey's disgrace is that he didn't close the deal, but he plainly told us that she doesn't deserve to ever again be able to access state secrets.  Personally, I'd rather dry-shave a badger's testicles than vote for Hillary Clinton.

PawPaw will probably sleep through the debate tonight.  I'll read about it on the morrow.

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