Monday, September 19, 2016

Dumb Sonofabitch

Chris Hayes, the mouthpiece of MSBNC is probably the dumbest sonofabith to ever draw breath.
We're also very very lucky that the attackers tried to use explosives rather than guns.
— Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes) September 19, 2016
Really, Chris?  Tell that to the victims.

I understand that he is rightfully getting the derision he so richly deserves.


BobF said...

Dumbass. "What was he thinking?" just seems soooo inadequate. Someone must dress him, comb his hair, and drop him off at kindergarten, uh, sorry, drop him off at WORK every day. Others on the elevator probably know what button to push for him.

thinkingman said...

Tell that to the Boston Marathon victims! It is SOOO good to be maimed or killed with a bomb.What is that a$$hat thinking?

Old NFO said...

And BO refuses to call it terrorism... sigh... We truly are doomed!