Sunday, September 25, 2016

What's Fer Lunch, PawPaw?

That's normally the question that the grandkids ask when they come over for a Sunday lunch.  Milady and I cook lunch every Sunday and while we're never really certain how many folks are going to show up to eat, we normally cook for twenty or so.

Today, it's Italian Beef.  An eight-pound arm roast, slow cooked in good Italian seasonings until it falls apart.  About eight hours in the slow cooker.  I've talked about it before, and the recipe is here.  Click on the link to learn about it.

The weather is still warm in Louisiana, the official start of autumn not withstanding, and we're not quite ready to make big hearty soups, stews, or gumbos.  This slow-cooker full of beef should bridge the gap.

We'll serve it on hoagie rolls with a bag of chips.  If that son't suit them, KFC is just down the road.

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Old NFO said...

That works! Now if I can just stop drooling on the keyboard... sigh