Friday, September 02, 2016

Have Y'all Noticed??

Only in America can a back--up quarterback get paid $19 million a year and claim that America is racist.  Amazing.

There is supposed to be a debate scheduled between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, moderated by Matt Lauer.  They're going to talk about implications of military strategy.  What do any of those three know about military strategy?

The Donald, a career businessman, deal-maker, billionaire, and corporate entrepreneur is now the champion of the underdog working class, and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, is beholden to big money and Wall Street.  This is a strange world we live in.

Glenn links to some interesting stuff about the Middle East.  With American influence waning there, Obama knows that the region can only be ruled with an iron fist, be and America can't rule with an iron fist, so he's letting the Chinese and Russians expand their influence there.  In the past, the oil would have been an issue, but with fracking, oil isn't an issue anymore.  Brilliant!

In other news, it's Friday, and I plan to stop on the way home this afternoon at my favorite butcher shop and get some fine ribeye steaks.  Let's get this weekend started.

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Joe Mama said...

If American is hopelessly flawed by racism, then the white linemen protecting Kaepernick would have simply stepped to the side and yelled, "Look out!"

That would have an impact on his longevity in the NFL and the continued function of his knees.

At this point, the fact that he is still playing in the NFL and has the use of his knees suggests that he is full of zhit. But, you never know, his linemen might make different decisions during the next game.