Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hillary's Gambit

It looks like she's in pure panic mode.  People don't like her, they don't trust her, and she's reaching out with a new message.  She's po' folks, just trying to make it in this world.
“Bill and I have been blessed,” Clinton said at a community college gymnasium here in Raleigh, speaking to a crowd of about 1,400 supporters, where she touted her plans for paid family leave and debt-free college. “We didn’t come from millionaire families. My husband’s father died before he was born.” …
Yeah, Bill was an orphan, bless his heart, and she was just a pore struggling college student when they met.  She's just as common as sweet potato pie.   No, she made her money the old fashioned way, by getting into politics and pay-for-play corruption.  She and her husband made over $55 million while she ran the State Department.
Their tax returns show that the couple earned $57.5 million in the four years she ran the State Department (2009-12), thanks in large part to Bill’s speaking career at events tied to entities with business before the State Department.
People aren't supposed to get rich in government, but she and Bill have managed to parlay their government contacts into a multi-million dollar bank account.

That's a great message, Hillary! You have fun with that.

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