Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Does Training Matter?

A friend sent me this link about the guy who stopped the jihadi at the mall in St. Cloud, MN.

You all know the story by now.  A Mohametan votary was stabbing people while screaming Aloha Snackbar, and was stopped by a guy who has been variously described as a "former police officer".

As it turns out, our hero was a highly trained shooter.  A competitor in USPSA, 3-gun, and an NRA firearms instructor.  His list of qualifications goes on.

Training matters.  Many states have a minimum level of training necessary to obtain a concealed carry permit.  Many states don't have any level of training.  While I agree that every American should be able to carry a concealed weapon without any state license, I also believe that training a good thing.  If you can afford to go to a place like Gunsite Academy, or Thunder Ranch, or one of the smaller, more local training opportunities, every shooter owes himself the time and effort to get the training.

If your checkbook, time available, or lifestyle don't allow you to get formal training, joining a club will help.  Or, find a place to shoot where you can do-it-yourself.  Shooting the El Presidente, a simple challenge course attributed to Jeff Cooper is a big help.

If you ever have to draw your weapon in a real-time event, you will default to the level of your training.  Training doesn't have to be stressful, although inserting stress into training is helpful.  There is loads of online help if you want to design some simple stages and run through them.  Stages or scenarios help challenge a shooter to use his brain while shooting.

As it turns out, in this particular case, the jihadi wannabe ran into a highly trained shooter, with lots of scenarios under his belt.  Everything turned out fine.  The shooter is unharmed, the jihadi has assumed room temperature, and the victims are being treated.  Training matters.

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Old NFO said...

And the MSM is NOT reporting anything about him, other than that he was an off duty police officer... Can't have the truth that a well trained CIVILIAN stopped the attack! Sigh...