Friday, October 07, 2022

Well, This is Interesting.

The news is abuzz with speculation that Hunter Biden may soon face accountability, if even in a minor way.

Will this bring down the whole Biden crime family?  Don't bet the rent.  Remember, Joe is a slippery old machine politician who happens to be a sitting president.

I seem to recall a lot of legal analysts during the Trump years who said that it is impossible, constitutionally, to indict a sitting President.  Will this bring down the Biden presidency?  Well, other than the border problems, inflation, and crime, 

Don't look for a perp walk before the midterm elections.

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Navy91 said...

Don't look for a perp walk after the elections either. FJB has no problem with looking like a fool. If, and it's a big if, Hunter gets indicted, dad will pardon him. Nobody f*&s with a Biden dontcha know?! Besides, Merrick Garland isn't about to let the Bureau actually prosecute Hunter. No, no, he's bought and paid for too. Frankly, I think we're beyond repair.